Juego de pegamento adhesivo de lámina de uñas Four Lily



  • These colorful marble nail transfer decals are made of safe material which is non-toxic and convenient to use, it is no hurt to your nail and not easy to fade or break, the reliable performance will serve you for a long time.
  • Each nail art sticker is printed with marble patterns which is so delicate and chic, widely applied different shapes of nail brushes have different functions and can be applied for painting, carving, shaping, to create nice 3D effect patterns, it will make you nail art different with others and catch others eye on your nail art, to show your good taste.
  • These marble print nail foil wraps are easy to apply, you need to prepare the transfer glue and put it on your nail, when the transfer glue turns into a clear color, then cover the nail sticker on your nail and press it hard for a few second, the nice nail art will finish.
  • These marble foil nail art stickers with the chic design and delicate appearance which are so suitable for a gift, you can send it to your friends or family members, you can enjoy DIY nail art together which is so interesting and makes you more intimate.


Ingrediente: resina

Cantidad: 1 botella

Curado: Lámpara UV o Lámpara LED

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